Protection & Safety

No amount of protection can eliminate all the risks, but in a way they are what attract us to the mountains in the first place. What we really want for you is simply to reduce these risks to an acceptable level; after all, skiing and snowboarding are Extreme Sports!

Whether you are racing at speed, turning yourself upside down, back to front and inside out  in the Funpark,or just seeking serious back country challenges there is good reason to ensure you protect those bits of you that can be protected without trussing yourself up so much your body can't "flow" and as a result you can't enjoy your skiing. 

With the stunning range of snowsports helmets currently available and body armour made from new materials like D3O that flow with your body you should be able to find the set up that suits your skiing or snowboarding style.

Racing leg and pole guards, avalanche shovels, snow probes, avalanche transceivers and exploding rucksacks, we have them all to make your fun on the snow as safe as you can.



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